Apple Vision Pro : Revolution ? 3D Opportunities ?

Last updated on August 21st, 2023 at 04:53 pm


In this article, we will explore the latest innovation from Apple: Apple Vision Pro, a revolutionary spatial computer that seamlessly integrates digital content into the real world. But is it truly a revolution? And what opportunities can it offer in the field of 3D? Read on =)

apple wwcd23 vision pro multitasking 230605
apple wwcd23 vision pro multitasking 230605

Review of the presentation on June 5th.

I guess many of you have already seen the presentation of Apple’s first space computer, the mixed reality headset “Vision Pro.” If not yet, I’ll give you the key details in this introductory paragraph.

During its annual development conference (WWDC 23), Apple unveiled the Apple Vision Pro, a groundbreaking spatial computer that seamlessly integrates digital content into the real world while allowing users to be present and connected with those around them. Vision Pro creates a boundless space for applications that can extend beyond the confines of a traditional screen, introducing a fully three-dimensional user interface controlled through the most natural and intuitive means of interaction: the user’s eyes, hands, and voice. With visionOS, the world’s first spatial operating system, Vision Pro enables users to interact with digital content as if they were truly present in their space. The cutting-edge design of Vision Pro features an ultra-high-resolution display system, with 23 million pixels spread across two screens, and a custom-designed Apple chip in a unique dual-chip design to give the user the sensation that each experience unfolds before their eyes in real time.

Is it really revolutionary?

At first glance, right after watching the live conference, I thought it was just a regular mixed reality headset and that Apple was going to catch up with some nice marketing. It’s surely my geeky pro-PC side that always struggles to adopt Apple products. But it must be said that their technological developments have shaken up the entire computer world of today by inspiring competing manufacturers under Windows or Android.

But watching the presentation on loop, thinking about it more, and deeply understanding the product’s approach, I have to admit that the revolution here is not so much the improved mixed reality technology, but rather Apple’s intuitive approach that has managed to develop this technology without a controller, using only hands, eyes and voice, boosted by an unparalleled technological level of sensors and natural visual representation, not to mention its new operating system dedicated to interacting with your real environment. This may seem trivial, but in fact, it changes everything.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said: “This day marks the beginning of a new era for computing. Just as the Mac introduced personal computing and the iPhone introduced mobile computing, Apple Vision Pro introduces spatial computing.” 🙏

Getting a big head? Hmm, I think he’s absolutely right! This is a new era, and finally a boost for the industry that was struggling to take off and establish itself. 😁

He was able to test the headset (french)

Jean-Baptiste NICOLET was able to test the Apple Vision Pro, a revolutionary headset announced at WWDC on June 5, 2023, in advance. Here are five key points from his experience:

Design and Comfort: The headset weighs between 450 and 500 grams, with an adjustable headband for a comfortable fit. Despite slight pressure at the top of the nose, the user found the headset quite comfortable to wear.

Features: The Apple Vision Pro allows augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. The headset can be controlled by hand, voice (with Siri), or even the eyes thanks to Optic ID technology.

User Interface: The user interface offers an incredibly smooth experience, with customizable and adjustable windows. Apps like FaceTime and Safari were successfully tested.

Cinematic Experience: The user was particularly impressed by the cinematic experience offered by the Apple Vision Pro, notably thanks to spatial audio and 4K image quality.

Pricing and Availability: Expected in early 2024 in the United States, the headset will cost at least $3499. The release date and price in France are not yet known.

To discover all the details of this unique experience, I invite you to watch his video 😍.

No AI or metaverses announced during this presentation ?

During the WWTC presentation, the terms “metaverse” and “artificial intelligence” were never mentioned! In fact, I find it so clever on their part in terms of marketing strategy not to talk about the “metaverse” (too bad Mark). Yet it is certain that this headset will be an entry point for a large number of video games and virtual universes.

On the artificial intelligence side, the product itself already uses a large number of technologies and developments related to AI. And I think Apple will soon make announcements about artificial intelligence related to its product ecosystem.

The Apple Vision Pro, the first spatial computer, is an ideal interface to be able to work with more and more tools related to artificial intelligence thanks to its ultra natural interactivity interface and the quality of its sensors, from simply recognizing elements or documents present in space to generating complex 3D content related to the user’s wildest actions and desires.

What about you, do you also think Apple is preparing communication around artificial intelligence? What would be the applications in your opinion? Leave us a comment below the article ✨

apple wwcd23 vision pro facetime 230605
apple wwcd23 vision pro facetime 230605

Opportunities for the XR field and competitors

Regarding competitor headset manufacturers, it will be a real blow. But if we look more closely, it is also an opportunity because it will stimulate the sector. Even if the Apple Vision Pro seems to be the ideal XR product, it remains the highest end to date. This will therefore leave room for other products that are already very relevant and for other product developments to come to light with a good level of experience, but surely more affordable.

For my part, I find it hard to imagine how I am going to be able to resist the Apple Vision Pro headset when it is released. Even if I understand that there will surely be a more basic and affordable version of the Apple headset that should come out at a later time (logical).

And you, are you also a victim or not of Apple’s marketing? If so, more as a 3D experience developer or 3D content creator, or just as a user fully enjoying spatial experiences? If not, why? Comment below 😉

In relation to this topic, I share with you a video by mi_code which invites Stan Larroque, CEO of LYNX, a French company that created the Lynx R1 mixed reality headset, and who gives his opinion on this Apple announcement.

Opportunities for 3D experience creators

It goes without saying, but these new uses will increase the need for 3D experience creation. Even if, in this first presentation, 3D is not emphasized too much through video games or metaverses or any other professional mixed reality experience using 3D, in order to favor a simple and clear understanding of the basic tools of the Apple ecosystem, so that it speaks to the greatest number, 3D applications will have an important place within this spatial computer.

Whether it’s through the creation of cool 3D environments to FaceTime with friends outside of your physical environment, living cinematic experiences in 3D, but not just in front of your eyes, but in 360, playing video games in a whole new dimension thanks to eye tracking and hand control.

And on the professional side, we can imagine developments so that the headset is not just a personal computer, but one that can offer synchronized teamwork within a space to visualize a product under design, in order to be able to turn around it and make modifications in real time, whether in the same room or even from home, while having the impression of being present with your colleagues thanks to the physical representation of those same Apple avatars that are created thanks to the LiDAR scanner during the headset setup.

I imagine that some applications already developed or being improved in engineering, medicine and training will take on a whole new dimension with developments to come for the Apple Vision Pro.


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