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Driven by innovation and fueled by imagination, we at Pierre-Yves 3D STUDIO transform ideas into vivid, immersive realities. Our journey is about revolutionizing the way brands interact with their customers through the power of 3D.


The Visionary Behind Pierre-Yves 3D STUDIO Story

Based in Paris, France, Pierre Yves JACQUES, an independent 3D project manager for many years and also a product designer, founded Pierre-Yves 3D STUDIO in 2012. Thanks to his skills and a network of carefully selected freelancers and service providers, he offers to pilot your project with flexibility, delivering innovative 3D solutions tailored to your needs. He looks forward to building the next breakthrough projects with you, with the ambition of establishing Pierre-Yves 3D STUDIO as an undisputed leader in the creation of next-generation brand universes. Let’s build it together !

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As the founder and CEO of Pierre-Yves 3D STUDIO, I’ve always envisioned a world where technology and creativity merge to create immersive, interactive experiences that push the boundaries of digital engagement. I believe in the power of 3D technology not only as a tool for visual spectacle, but as a way to tell meaningful stories, breathe life into brands, and build deep connections between businesses and their customers. At Pierre-Yves 3D STUDIO, we’re not just creating 3D content, we’re crafting unique digital experiences that resonate and captivate. This is more than a business for me, it’s a passion.
Pierre-Yves JACQUES


We Follow the Trends of Engaging Visual Branding.

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Client Experiences Worth Sharing

We have worked with Pierre-Yves on several experiments integrating 3D elements, allowing middle and high school students, future professionals in the construction industry, to visualize exploded views of complex equipment (such as heat pumps, air handling units, pellet stoves, etc.). The collaboration with Pierre-Yves and the quality of the deliverables have always been excellent, both in terms of form and content. He has perfectly adapted to our technical constraints (full open-source, browser and AR compatibility on all types of smartphones, etc.).

Raphaël Lauer
Very Up

(published on Malt.fr)

Pierre-Yves has developed a complete 3D catalog solution for us, based on SketchFab. The catalog showcases our products with astonishing realism. Throughout the project, he has consistently amazed us with an incredible quality of rendering, both in terms of textures and colors. I highly recommend Pierre-Yves, with whom I greatly enjoy working. He is meticulous, skilled, attentive, and responsive! Thank you.

Olivia De Charette

(published on Malt.fr)

Excellent collaboration with Pierre-Yves, who was proactive in implementing a personalized and efficient solution using SketchFab, and also provided 3D modeling work. The execution was fast and effective, with very good communication. I highly recommend Pierre-Yves for future projects.

Salomé Abihssira

(published on Malt.fr)


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