‘Bird Travel’, an original fashion accessory
Award Winner! – #1 – Most ‘out of the box’ designs
Winner of the i.materialise contest: ‘Accessory Challenge’ inspired by birds (in partnership with Melinda Looi). First exhibition was at the First Asian 3D design fashion show in Malaysia (14th of June 2013).
Fashion accessory in white polyamide.
Dimensions : 19.3 * 19.7 * 19.3 cm.
Can be fixed on your shoulder or in hair!
We designed this original accessory with our common inspirations, between dream and reality. Directly inspired by birds, this ship travel reflects our spirit of freedom, ready to flew away, but never far from our hearts, reminding us of our unique relationship. This accessory will be at your side, on your shoulder, to bring a flair of fantasy to your dress.
Bird Travel - Nov 2013 - 3D PrintShow London
For more details, please visit lpjacques.com

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